Me and Pink Drinks

June 10, 2009 at 19:28 (Completely Random)

I don’t have anything else fully developed and I felt I needed a new post so…

If you haven’t been to enough restaurants with me you may not realize that I almost never order a drink the way it’s posted on a menu. I always ask for them to add or take away or combine some other drink, and for some unknown reason this drink always ends up pink. For example if the menu has nothing unique, I’ll usually order a sprite with grenadine (I never order this by it’s name because that would just aggravate the situation, it’s called a Shirley Temple). But it never seems to matter what I order it’s always pink, of course it doesn’t help that my favorite fruits are strawberries, raspberries (I bought some raspberries for lunch today, they were amazing), and cherries. If I feel like lemonade, I’ll usually get a pink lemonade(which is made with strawberries), tea’s become raspberry, and sodas get cherry. In Portland I’d daily get an Italian ice and I would try a new combo of syrups each time, but eighty-percent of the time I’d end up with a pink drink. I don’t know, at least I never recognize them as pink drinks, cause I’m color-blind.


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June 3, 2009 at 21:26 (Completely Random, Too Political)

What does moshing say about my generation? Anarchy? Mob Rule? Democracy? Peer Pressure? Is there a difference?

I was at a concert recently and I guess it’s the first time I’ve seen active moshing. In my minds eye I always pictured moshing as a group type dance where the crowd was so close together it moved as one, but that’s not what it was at this concert. This mosh pit was entirely selfish, essentially a shoving match. If they weren’t pushing, shoving, elbowing, charging or hitting they weren’t dancing. This was a crowd of individuals attempting to be the “best” at moshing, nothing like the unity I imagined.

In my opinion dancing at a concert should express an appreciation for the artist or the message in the lyrics. However at this particular concert the moshers, not all of them, but the instigators, were entirely unconcerned with the music. If the music was to slow or quiet to warrant moshing they would leave the crowd and go to the edges, unconcerned with the effort of the musicians, or even worse they’d walk through the crowd and try and convince others to join the mosh once the music picked up. To me this is as bad as talking during a stage production. Now I feel like I’m being negative so let me give you some perspective, of the moshers about 2/3rds were there just to knock heads, but at most that was only about 1/10th of the total crowd. So some of the moshers were using the pit to increase their energy, which I personally don’t think is wrong.

Wow I’ve been gone for a while, if I was gonna say more I can’t remember it. (¿ This seems like it’s turning into a pattern on my blogs ?) But I do have one more thing I want to dive into, what does moshing say about my generation?

So what does moshing say about my generation? Well in my “Ideal Mosh Pit” (I’ll just say IMP from now on, wait a second isn’t that a demonic guide?) You have an example of  “mob rule”, where the majority sets the tone for the pit and the minority get trampled underfoot. My IMP is probably a result of my upbringing in a democratic society. Just so you know our government is not a democracy, but we are slowly heading in that direction. We are, in fact, a republic where we have representatives decide the laws, but because of media and public polls we are being organized into a sleeper democracy, where the “majority rules”, and we blindly follow not even questioning if what the media says is truly the consensus of the “Mob”. In fact this is exactly why we don’t have a straight democracy, because our forefathers realized the mob is to easily influenced and eventually turns into an autocracy. But because we’ve failed to elect upstanding citizens, we’re now left with politicians, a group of people so inbred they are no longer born with spines or guts.

Wow that was a long tangent, and probably too revealing about me. Any ways, back on subject. The Moshing I saw was nothing like my IMP. Like I said before it was more of a crowd of individuals, the best way I can describe it is like a rebellion against each other. Anarchy, but active anarchy, in my opinion anarchy should be blase, as in rules don’t apply go with the flow. But it seems like it’s never that way instead it’s more of a destruction of rules, where the rules are actively sought out and ignored or disobeyed. Any way that’s how it was in the moshing, these weren’t individuals dancing their own dance with no regard to the others around them, but they were actively seeking out other dancers to go up against.

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“Follow me as I follow Christ” – Apostle Paul

May 15, 2009 at 20:39 (Completely Random)

A while back, I was listening to a sermon and a thought popped into my head. The preacher was emphasizing how the disciples, when Jesus called them, dropped everything they were doing, and I thought, why? I mean, it seems weird that someone would leave their family business, in the middle of a work day, and follow someone just because He asked them to. You have to keep in mind that at this point Jesus was not well known, some people knew of Him, but He had just started His ministry. The only people who believed that He was the Messiah at this point were His mother Mary and His cousin John. So what reason would they have to follow a random Rabbi?

A couple connections were made pretty quickly, when I first wondered why. The first thing I remembered was that at Portland Bible College they talked about how it was common practice among Rabbi’s in the time of Jesus for them to gather disciples, but normally from the synagogues. Then I thought, would I drop everything for a great teacher, because if nothing else Jesus was known as an exceptional Rabbi, if they asked me to follow them? And surprising even myself, I thought yes I would. If C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien or John Piper or Sean McDowell or pretty much any person who is or was considered a good teacher/apologist asked me to follow them and learn from them/with them I would more than likely sell everything I didn’t need and do it, minimal questions asked.

The last thought that hit me, like a freight truck, was that Jesus has called me to follow Him. And yet why am I so unwilling to go to the lengths I would go to for a fallible teacher? I know that Jesus is the only teacher worth following, He’s called me to give up my possesions and follow Him, but I greedily hold on. I pray that He’ll give me strength to give everything to Him.

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Anhelo Comperio

April 25, 2009 at 17:52 (Completely Random) (, )

Anhelo Comperio is Latin which, loosely translated, means live to learn. Ago Disco is a closer literal translation, but I like Anhelo because it gives a sense of desperation, and Comperio has an idea of completeness.

Any ways… I wanted to just say that this Blog will be my random thoughts written out, you’ll probably get a chance to see some of my thought process cause I’m going to limit the amount of editing I do, maybe. Who knows really ’cause I’ve already gone back and edited some of this post, but I’ll try and keep it to grammar and clarity changes.

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