Mundane Vs Extraordinary

August 31, 2011 at 09:49 (Uncategorized)

Haha, more random thoughts. I’ve been reading “Under God” by DC Talk and it  just got me thinking what a boring life I have, which made me think about whether a person is defined by the extraordinary things they do or the mundane things they do? I’m gonna bring you guys along on my thought process for this one.

For whatever reason I thought about the end of a persons life first, if you’ve done something great it’s commemorated and remembered by the masses after you’re dead, usually you’re given a tombstone or memorial with a summation of your life. Even if what you did was extraordinarily evil people will remember you and what you did. Next I thought about their funerals, to me a famous funeral has to it some level of superficiality, that’s not true of every great funeral, but most of the attendees never truly knew the person. Now understand that there are people of great mundaneness, for example look at Mother Theresa, everything Mother Theresa did was something that anyone can do, Apostle Paul traveled most of his life, Moses didn’t even talk, he had his brother Aaron do the talking for him. Now you may be thinking about the great things Mother Theresa, Paul and Moses did, but that’s my point are the things people are remembered for more important than the people that did them, and do those things make them who they are?


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