Me and Pink Drinks

June 10, 2009 at 19:28 (Completely Random)

I don’t have anything else fully developed and I felt I needed a new post so…

If you haven’t been to enough restaurants with me you may not realize that I almost never order a drink the way it’s posted on a menu. I always ask for them to add or take away or combine some other drink, and for some unknown reason this drink always ends up pink. For example if the menu has nothing unique, I’ll usually order a sprite with grenadine (I never order this by it’s name because that would just aggravate the situation, it’s called a Shirley Temple). But it never seems to matter what I order it’s always pink, of course it doesn’t help that my favorite fruits are strawberries, raspberries (I bought some raspberries for lunch today, they were amazing), and cherries. If I feel like lemonade, I’ll usually get a pink lemonade(which is made with strawberries), tea’s become raspberry, and sodas get cherry. In Portland I’d daily get an Italian ice and I would try a new combo of syrups each time, but eighty-percent of the time I’d end up with a pink drink. I don’t know, at least I never recognize them as pink drinks, cause I’m color-blind.


1 Comment

  1. tiffani said,

    Yes but I do recognize them as being pink and shirley temples. And it becomes just that much more fun to be your sister at that point.

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