Anhelo Comperio

April 25, 2009 at 17:52 (Completely Random) (, )

Anhelo Comperio is Latin which, loosely translated, means live to learn. Ago Disco is a closer literal translation, but I like Anhelo because it gives a sense of desperation, and Comperio has an idea of completeness.

Any ways… I wanted to just say that this Blog will be my random thoughts written out, you’ll probably get a chance to see some of my thought process cause I’m going to limit the amount of editing I do, maybe. Who knows really ’cause I’ve already gone back and edited some of this post, but I’ll try and keep it to grammar and clarity changes.



  1. workplaythink said,

    Anhelo Comperio may have deeper meaning, but Ago Disco MAKES ME WANT TO DANCE!!!

    • codinapkin said,

      Yeah that’s another reason I went with comperio.

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